Las Tres Cruces

By gregebersole

October 23, 2011

Category: Travel

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Today was a great day. I climbed Las Tres Cruces with a group of good friends, all Cali Couchsurfers except for Aga, who is visiting from London. She spent a lot of time in Cali several months ago while traveling in South America for a year. In the photo is my friend, Dilia, showing that she’s never camera shy. I hadn’t hiked the mountain for about 6 months or more, but, I had no problem. I was the second up in our group of 11 or 12. Luis Alejandro was first, as usual. At the top, I had an avocado juice and an orange/carrot juice. After, we reached the bottom, a few of us went to Beatrice’s place to fix lunch. She lives a block away from me. It’s a really nice house. We fixed pasta with tomato sauce, with garlic and onions. Also a big salad. Everyone contributed to the cutting up of something and helping to fix the meal. It was nice. It feels good to be back in Cali. I don’t know how to explain it, but I really enjoy living abroad. I even forgot about all the football games going on today in the states. I do miss watching games with my son, though, on Sunday afternoons. I did check to see if my Denver Broncos won today. And, they did, in an amazing game with the replacement quarterback, Tim Tebow, who the fans have wanted from the start of the season. Go Broncos!


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