My room again

By gregebersole

November 1, 2011

Category: Travel

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This is what my room looks like so far. I haven’t done much with it yet. My landlady put a few paintings on the wall. She has a lot all over the house. I still am not sure that I want to stay here another year. I want to look at a few apartments to see if there is something that I might like better in the same price range. I just paid the November rent today, so I can’t really move for a month. We’ll see how it goes this month.

I’m still settling in to life in Cali again. I’m getting back into my rhythm of things. I just started back at the gym this morning. I paid for 2 months so I got a discount. It cost me 30,000 pesos a month- about $15 or $16. I’m back in the routine of using and hearing Spanish almost exclusively now. I want to get a lot better at it. And so far, I haven’t gone out and done much photography. I hope to do that soon. I guess I’ve been a little lazy. I also went to my dentist last week. I had chipped what I thought was part of a filling off when I was in the states. It didn’t hurt, but had sharp edges. I found out from my dentist that I had chipped part of a corner off of two adjoining teeth. I don’t know how. I was eating a bagel at the time. The dentist thought maybe there had been stress on the teeth for quite awhile under the filling and it eventually gave way. Who knows? Anyway, he reconstructed the parts with something and now it’s fixed. It cost me about 90,000 pesos, or about $45 to $46. With no insurance, I can’t afford to get that work done in the states.


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