Jairo says it’s still Halloween

By gregebersole

November 15, 2011

Category: Travel

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When I was walking down my street today, Jairo, my homeless friend, spotted me and came over to talk. He was looking pretty cool today so I decided I needed a photo. He had a Halloween mask he wore and his hat, of course. He told me it’s still Halloween- all week. I didn’t argue. Jairo tells me a lot, but I can only understand a fraction of what he says. A lot of the time, he tells me about the weather. And then, of course, he usually asks for a few coins. I can’t refuse him. He’s friendly enough. I’ve given him clothes before. He often makes a few coins watching a car for someone, raking leaves or sweeping sidewalks. I know where he sleeps and where he keeps a few things. His life doesn’t seem easy to me, but he never seems in a bad mood.

This afternoon, I watched the Colombia-Argentina soccer match. It was pretty good. In fact, Colombia played really well the first half and led 1-0 at the end. In the second half, they seemed a little slower or tired. Argentina scored twice. Colombia had a couple of good chances, but couldn’t get another one in. Tomorrow, I’m going to the Cali-América match with a friend. There should be a lot of screaming, crazy fans. I hope I can get a few good photos.


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