Deportivo Cali, 1 y América, 0

By gregebersole

November 17, 2011

Category: Travel

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I went to the soccer match between the two Cali teams last night with my friend, Astrid. She had never been to a live soccer match in a stadium. When she was young, she often begged her father to take her to one, but he always said it was too dangerous. We sat in the middle of one side. Most of the fans around us were América supporters, but not as rabid as those in both ends of the stadium, where the hardcore fans were. They carried large banners and wore jerseys of their team. This photo shows the end where the Cali fans sat in their green jerseys. The stadium was loud and the game was good. They seem to get away with a lot more fouls here than in the states. There is a lot of rough play. But, there was also good sportsmanship. Sometimes, when a player went down, a player from the other team helped him up. Astrid was a little worried about getting out with the crowd when the game ended. She thought we should leave early. I think she was worried about all the rowdys. So, we left about 5 minutes before the end. I think we were the only ones who didn’t stay until the very end. Afterwards, we walked to Parque del Perro for pizza. It was fun to experience a great soccer match in the newly remodeled stadium.

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