Cali Zoo again

By gregebersole

November 20, 2011

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I went to the Cali Zoo again, probably my third or fourth time. I like it. I always get some great photos. My friends, Sandryta and Paola, also went. And Sandryta brought her nephew, Santiago. We had a great time, spending probably 5 or 6 hours wandering around, looking at the animals and taking photos. it was a discount day for Comfandi employees, of which Sandryta is one. We got in for 7,000 pesos instead of 10,000. About $3.50 instead of $5. I was surprised when Paola opened her pack and pulled out, probably, the newest Canon professional camera with two good zoom lenses. She takes a lot of photos with her i-phone and it’s 20 or so applications for photos. I think she has a great eye. She does some amazing things with the i-phone. Very artistic photos. I can’t wait to see the photos she got yesterday. We’re meeting tomorrow to look at each others shots. In this photo, the iguana seems to be posing for me. He seems very proud of his appearance. He just cracks me up. More photos to come in later posts.


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