My zoo companions

By gregebersole

November 20, 2011

Category: Travel

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These were my two companions yesterday at the zoo. Two beautiful women, Pao and Sandryta. Thanks to Sandryta for our discounted tickets. It was a good day for people and animal watching.

Tonight, I was invited out by two other friends, Astrid and Paola (a different Paola). I didn’t know where we were going. I was just picked up at 5:30 p.m. On the way, Astrid asked if I had my camera. No, I hadn’t brought it tonight. I didn’t know I’d need it. She said, “you’re a photographer! You should always carry your camera.” She was right. I normally do, but tonight I didn’t. I thought we might be just watching a movie. We drove a long ways and ended up at an army base. I told Astrid I didn’t have any identification and I could never get into the base. Once before, I went for a birthday party of friends, and I was photographed, searched and needed to show a passport. She said don’t be so negative. You never know. She was right again. I went in without showing identification. It turned out that we were going to an orchestra and choir concert. We had only two tickets between the three of us. She convinced the guards to let us in with only the two tickets. The concert was great. Two different orchestras. One was huge with a large choir. They did several numbers, including a couple of cumbia pieces. The choir members were swaying back and forth and spun around occasionally. Some of the orchestra members held their instruments up and waved them in the air to the music. The director was very lively and did an amazing job. It was a great evening of excellent music. Colombia never fails to surprise me. Afterwards, we drove up high to an area with several pizza places and a spectacular view of the city lights. We sat overlooking the view and had pizza and juices, mine a mango en leche of course. It was a really nice evening.


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