Six hours at Juan Valdez

By gregebersole

November 21, 2011

Category: Travel

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Today was a first. I spent 6 hours in a Juan Valdez Cafe shop. That was the longest that I’ve ever spent in a coffee shop, including a Starbucks. I met my friend, Pao, a little after 3 so she could read my book and look at the photos. We also shared our photos that we took of each other at the zoo. We talked a lot and looked at a lot of photos. We left about 6 hours later. We were about the last people to leave. I think they were trying to close the coffee shop. We had a great time talking about photos, and a little about ourselves. I felt like I was visiting with a best friend that I’d know for a long time. This is Pao jumping for a photo at the zoo last Saturday.

The gym is finally getting a little easier now. For some reason, the first two weeks back at the gym, I was struggling. I’m still not lifting as heavy a weights as I was before I left Cali 6 months or more ago. But, it’s getting better now.


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