March for peace

By gregebersole

December 6, 2011

Category: Travel

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Today was the National March for Peace and Liberty. There were marches in many cities in Colombia. I took many photos of the one in Cali, then joined them as they walked to the Plazoleta de San Francisco in downtown. It’s a large plaza in front of the church. I posted this photo on Facebook, saying it was the first time that I’d see police joining in with everyone in a march. My friend, Diana, wrote me that they were providing security for the two men in front of them wearing button down shirts. It turns out they were the mayor of Cali and the governor of Valle. They seem to be smiling at me. Maybe they recognized me from somewhere. After all, I’ve lived here about 3 years now. It seems that everytime I photograph a large group of people, I inevitably have one photo with someone or several people that I know in it. The marches here were to promote peace. Many marchers also carried photos and banners relating to the 220 kidnapped people still being held somewhere in the country, presumably by the guerilla group, FARC. It was another large peaceful march, one of many I’ve seen here in Cali.


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