In the back of the bus

By gregebersole

December 12, 2011

Category: Travel

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Saturday, I met with a group of volunteers at about 8 a.m. They usually go to Pampas del Mirador, a poor barrio high above Cali to teach English to kids each Saturday. This was my first time with this group. We finally left about 9 a.m. in the usual jeep transportation to the barrio. Three other friends from the Cali Couchsurfer group also went, Francy, Pietro and Joshua. This day was to be spent at a park in Cali. There were games, sports, posters to paint, lunch and, just generally, a fun day for the kids. There will now be a vacation break until sometime in January, when the classes will start again. This is a photo that Pietro took of me and some of the kids in the back of the bus we rode to Cali and the park. There were about 4 kids from the foundation where I volunteered before in Brisas de las Palmas. We recognized each other right away. It was a fun day. For a large group of kids, they were well behaved. No problems. They had so much fun getting away from their barrio and playing games and sports with each other in the Cali park. Actually, it wasn’t really a park. I think it was more like a small sports complex. There was a swimming pool, basketball court, snack store and an area with playground equipment.


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