Working on my 2012 list

By gregebersole

January 3, 2012

Category: Travel

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I made a list of goals and plans for the new year 2012. Today, I started on it already. I made an appointment for an eye exam on Thursday at a different clinic. It’s been over a year and I want better glasses, so I decided to go somewhere else. A friend recommended a place. I had rough directions and after about 15 minutes, somehow found it. Directions are always hard to follow here for me. I’m never sure quite where they’re telling me to go. Sometimes, it helps to ask several people and eventually I get a fairly good idea of where to go. The man at the counter was friendly and said the exam would cost 20,000 pesos, or about $10. I can handle that.

Next on the list is a complete physical. I had one here about a year and a half ago. The doctor was very good and thorough. He has since moved and I don’t have a good phone for him and I can’t seem to find him. I may have to find a new doctor. These are probably the two easiest to do goals that I have.

This photo was a random shot while walking through downtown Cali. I’m not sure if the woman was trying to hear the men’s conversation or just sitting there with her “just let me alone, please, expression.”


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