Dilia and the moon

By gregebersole

January 11, 2012

Category: Travel

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Dilia is one of my good friends and a favorite person to photograph. Here is a photo from last night. She is showing us where the moon is. It’s really hard to take a bad photo of her.

This afternoon, I stopped into my ice cream shop for a small cup with two scoops of different flavors. I like chocolate, coffee and brownie. Today, I had to settle for chocolate with cream blend and a lemon/orange blend. I was about half way through my cup when a little boy came in and sat next to me. He asked me for some of my ice cream. So, I gave him the cup with the rest. That’s the second time this has happened. And, it was the same kid. Next time, I’ll buy him his own cup.

Then, later as I was walking along Calle 5, I came to the fountains and was startled to see a naked man standing on the sidewalk, dripping wet. People were walking past and cars and buses were roaring past on the street. He was unfazed. He stooped over and looked through his plastic bag and found an old towel or something to wrap around his waist like a sarong. Then, he casually walked on down the sidewalk. I occasionally see street people bathing in the fountains, but usually they’re down to their shorts or underwear, not stark naked.


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