Moon over Cali

By gregebersole

January 11, 2012

Category: Travel

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Yesterday was the 4 year anniversary of the first time I came to Cali, and Colombia. My friend, Alejandro, invited some people to come to Parque de San Antonio to celebrate that. He brought some wine and we sat on the brick wall at top and toasted my new home here in Colombia. This is the view we had. Cali is so beautiful at night. We shared stories. Filip kept us entertained with a lot of funny stories. He and Pietro had both taken a boat to Brazil from Colombia, so I asked them about it. Filip said it was horrible, absolutely crowded with people. Hammocks were crisscrossed at night and people were sleeping next to you and under you. Said it was a boring 5 days. Then Pietro said he loved it. He met a lot of people and enjoyed getting to know them. I saw his photos and he has some wonderful shots. He has many photos of the people on the boat, and some of little wooden houses along the banks of the Amazon River. After listening to Filip’s stories, I thought maybe I wouldn’t like it and started having second thoughts. Then, after hearing Pietro describe it, I thought of all the great photos I could get. Maybe, I could get a portrait of every passenger. I still would like to do it in March, if possible. It was a nice evening.

For this photo, I was taking a few shots and then Alejandro grabbed my camera, made a few adjustments manually and shot this. I’m learning how to use my point and shoot better from him. He’s my technical expert now.


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