Cali from above

By gregebersole

January 18, 2012

Category: Travel

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This is a view I never get tired of. It’s Cali from a little over half way up Las Tres Cruces. I hike it fairly often now. One of these times I’m going to try for the record time. I’ve done it in about 40 minutes or a little less. I’m always stopped to take photos or because others in the group I was climbing with stopped. Supposedly, my friend, Natalia, has the record for reaching the summit in the fastest time. She climbed it in 30 minutes. I think that’s possible for me to match. We’ll see.

I still haven’t received my new glasses yet. They tell me it’s because they needed more time to do all the prisms required for my crazy eyes. Well, they didn’t say that it was due to my crazy eyes, just because of the prisms. I’m hoping again for tomorrow.

I went to see the movie, War Horse, today. It cost me about $2.50. It was a pretty good movie and definitely held my attention. It’s basically a love story about a horse, a beautiful horse. The cruelty and madness of war was shown in intense realism. I think that war is stupid and horrible. Everyone suffers in some way. In this day and age, you would think we’d be smart enough to figure out other and better ways to solve problems. I’m glad, Joey, the horse, survived the war, having been dragged into it with no say in the matter.


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