Going in different directions

By gregebersole

January 26, 2012

Category: Travel

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Lately people just seem to be going in different directions, like in this photo from last Sunday’s ciclovida, where they were skating on the outdoor hockey rink. For a long time, it seemed like things were usually operating about the same here. I had a good group of friends and there were not a lot of changes. Lately, it seems like something’s up in the air. Friends of mine are all of a sudden in relationships or leaving relationships. Friends are moving to other cities or thinking about it. I have some friends I see a lot and others I hardly ever see. People are not busy and have free time, then all of a sudden they are so busy that it seems like they dropped off the face of the earth. I think because I’ve gotten closer to people now, I know more about what goes on in their lives. But, all this change keeps making me reevaluate my situation here. I keep wondering if I should keep living here or if it’s time for a change. I hope I know the answer by July or August. Maybe I’m just a little restless. I think I need to go on a trip. I’m working on that. At least, lately, I’ve been able to work some in my friend’s video/internet shop. That has been fun for me and I’m learning more Spanish by listening to all the customers that come in. I try hard to understand everything. This week I’ve worked quite a bit and the week has gone by quickly.

My friend, Yamilet, is in a new relationship and moving to Cartagena. She has been one of my favorite dance partners. She is always so enthusiastic about everything and is such a great dancer. We have had some amazing dances, en linea or LA style. We also often chat about things on FB. I will miss her.

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