Getting pinched

By gregebersole

January 28, 2012

Category: Travel

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I’ve been going through my photos from Bocas del Pala and finding a lot more that I like. In this photo, I think the one guy is pinching the woman to get her to smile. I think they are two sons with their mother. Anyway, I like the photo.

A few days ago I saw something that upset me. I was standing on a street corner talking to a guy I know. He had his large dog on a rope with him. A woman and a little kid were walking by. The little kid reached out to pet the dog and the dog lunged at her, nearly taking a chunk out of her face. The women screamed that he should control his dog. Then he yelled at her, cussing and saying she should control her kid. He said he won’t be responsible for the hospital bill if she didn’t. Another woman passing by on the other side of the street, saw it and said something to him. Then, he yelled at that woman, cussing her out up and down. I was ashamed to be standing next to him. He later told me they don’t know what American they are messing with. The guy has a respectable job as a teacher here. He’s American, but has parents of different nationalities, I think. He is married to a Colombian woman. He was a Marine in the Vietnam war for at least four years, maybe more. He is not a nice guy. Even though I know him, I don’t consider him a friend and, for sure, I don’t feel that he’s a very good person. He’s told me that he’s bought guns here and sometimes carries one and wouldn’t hesitate to shoot someone if they caused him any problem. His behavior often embarrasses me. I try to be friends and friendly with everyone I come into contact with. With him, it’s difficult. I guess we’re good acquaintances. I hope I give the Colombian people a good impression of American people, even though there are so many Americans that rub me the wrong way.


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