A reading break

By gregebersole

January 31, 2012

Category: Travel

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This afternoon, I walked with my friend, Beatrice, to a camera shop and back. On the way back, we saw this man with his brooms and mops to sell, taking a break to read. I’m not sure what he was reading, but it looked like a hefty scholarly textbook or something like it.

This morning, I went to my appointment with my new dentist in the barrio, Loudres, which may or may not be dangerous. Friends tell me it is. Oh well, I always like to walk so I walked the 10 blocks or more from the bus stop ,to his office. I met Omar, the dentist, who has a room in his house with a dentist chair and equipment. His business card says that he worked in the US for 25 years. Everything in the room looked pretty old, just like him. I started having second thoughts. He did, though, have two large framed certificates from dental schools on the wall. He looked in my mouth and said okay. Then he used a drill or something and did something to my tooth. It hurt so bad I tried to force myself through the chair and out the bottom. But, I couldn’t. I hate going to dentists. I always have a fear that there will be horrible pain. A few times of this and then he was done. Then, he mixed something up and put it on the area. The rough edges were now smooth. He didn’t charge me anything, but said I needed to come back next week to finish. When I got home, I looked and saw that he had put a white covering over the area. I’m afraid if I chew on that side, it will come off like the other did four times before. I’m tempted to go to one of the other dentists recommended to me and get another opinion. Maybe. But, I need to go back next week. He’s a nice man and will be expecting me. All I want is my teeth fixed and that they stay fixed.


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