By gregebersole

February 7, 2012

Category: Travel

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Last Thursday, I went with my friend, Lina, to Elvira. It’s an area near Kilómetro 18. Lina is working on a project for a university class. She is producing a video with part photos and part video. The project deals with this area as a possible place to develop for tourism. Elvira has a lot to offer, but no structure yet to deal with visitors. I took a lot of photos for her. We walked to about three waterfalls, including this one with Lina standing in front. She also talked with several people that live in the area and a few that were visiting for the day. It was a fun day. There are only about one or two buses that enter the area each day. When we left, instead of waiting for a bus that may or may not have arrived on time, we rode out by motorcycle. A man offered to take us to the highway for 4,000 pesos. About $2 total. So both of us rode behind him on his cycle. At the highway, we caught a bus back to Cali. The bus actually dropped me off a few blocks from my house.

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