Tres Cruces and thoughts

By gregebersole

February 26, 2012

Category: Travel

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This is Las Tres Cruces, the mountain that looms over part of Cali. This is the mountain I climb almost every week. Today, I didn’t go. It rained hard last night and some early this morning. I knew the trail and rocks would be slippery and my shoes are losing their tread. I missed not climbing today. I always like to do it and the spectacular views of Cali are so worth the effort. And, at top, fresh juices and banana or carrot tortas (bread) await. The carrot/orange juice mixture is my favorite. I also like the avocado en leche drink.

Today is my third day without coffee, hot chocolate, soft drinks, dark juices like grape or blackberry, orange juice, or even chocolate ice cream. I had my teeth whitened last week and I’m not supposed to have any of these things for 15 days. No headaches yet, but I do miss my cup of coffee in the morning. Maybe, it’s more of a ritual or routine than anything. But, I have been sleepy more during the day. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot lately. That probably doesn’t have anything to do with the lack of coffee, though. I keep wondering if I want to continue living in Cali after next fall. I like it here a lot, but sometimes I get bored. Without classes now or work, I have a lot of free time. When I’m working on a photography project, the time flies, though, and I have a lot of fun. I have a lot of great friends here, but they’re mostly 20 to 32 years old. The age range of my children. I know three women in their 40’s. After a little more than 2 years here, I don’t have a girl friend. Nothing’s worked out yet. Of course, I’ve had crushes on several of the young women, but realistically, that’s not going to work. I really do love my friends here and would miss then a lot if I didn’t return. They constantly chat with me on Facebook, tell me of things coming up and invite me to places with them. They can just as easily hang out with me as the other 20 and 30 year olds. But now, I also think that I want to spend more time with my children and family members. I would like to sell my house in Washington and buy a small place in Mesa, Arizona, near my son and his wife. I would live there part of the year and part of the year abroad. If not in Colombia, I could spend several months each year in Mexico. There are a lot of places there that I like and would like to go back to. So, I guess after over 2 years here, I’m doing a lot of thinking lately. We’ll see what happens by August, when I will head back to the states for a few months. My visa expires the 7th of September and I will need to renew it before then.


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