Teaching English

By gregebersole

March 3, 2012

Category: Travel

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Simon says touch your mouth. Whoops, it looks like not everyone is sure where the mouth is. Today, I volunteered with about 10 others, teaching English in a poor barrio high above Cali. I helped Tatiana and Sebastian teach to a full classroom of students aged 11 to 14. The kids were serious about learning English. On a Saturday morning, every desk was taken. We worked with some simple sentences, like, “I am a pilot.” Or, “I am not a pilot.” Then we learned body parts. After practicing awhile, then we played Simon Says to see who all could touch the correct body part. It was fun and I hope to go back again. The kids were great.

Yesterday, I went back to my doctor for my lab results. He said everything was super bien. Really good. I guess I worried about nothing really. My blood pressure was very good every day we tested it this week. The doctor said I’m in good shape.


One Response to “Teaching English”

  1. This is awesome. I’m a teacher and being able to educate kids like them is the most rewarding!

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