A good weekend

By gregebersole

March 19, 2012

Category: Travel

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I saw this truck on one of my recent walks. I really like it. I’ve seen several old trucks that are in excellent shape. I also have seen a 1947 Plymouth that is really nice. I want to get a photo of it soon.

This was a three day weekend. Today was a holiday. I’ve had a pretty active 4 days or so. No time to be bored. Thursday evening, a friend called me and wanted to meet me and then go to Tin Tin Deo together. We met at the bus station near there and then walked to the club. She and I danced a lot together and also with others. It was a fun evening with a lot of dancing. Since today was a holiday, some friends and I met at a small salsa club near my house last night. There were five women at our table. I danced with all of them and some several times. I was pretty busy. It was fun. Even a strange woman at another table came over and asked me to dance with her. Well, she wasn’t really strange, just someone I didn’t know. Then, this afternoon, I went to see my good friend, Beatrice, who recently moved away from my neighborhood. She lives about 30 minutes out of Cali in the country. From my house, I took two different buses and it took me about an hour to get there. She has a beautiful small house, nicely decorated and pretty simple. I really liked it. We had a good visit and looked at photos and listened to music. Before I left we ate at a restaurant nearby. I had an arepa choco con queso. It was a corn arepa with cheese. It was a little sweeter than the regular arepas and very good. With times like these, I really love living here. The problem is when I’m not real busy, I tend to get bored. I hope eventually I can find a little photography work to keep me busier. I’m so glad I have friends here to do things with. That also keeps me busy at times. I’m really blessed to have some that have become great and very close friends.

Tomorrow, I have a meeting at the library with the curator to talk about the show. I hope it’s not another 3 hour meeting.


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