By gregebersole

March 20, 2012

Category: Travel

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This is my 962nd post in this website/blog of mine. Sometimes I wonder if I can keep doing it. Sometimes I wonder what to say. Sometimes I wonder if anyone really cares. But, I know people check it out from time to time. I also know some people are regular readers of it and like to see the photos. I still struggle with how much to say sometimes. I don’t want to write anything that might offend or hurt someone. I guess it’s a balancing act, trying to make it personal, but not too personal.

I took a short walk this morning and shot this photo quickly.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying things in Cali a lot. I’m amazed at how many people I know in my barrio. I can’t walk anywhere without stopping to greet and chat with neighbors and others. I know the two cops that stand on the bridge over Calle 5 at the end of my street for about 12 hours a day or so. I talk to them often. I have to stop and talk to Fernando, the security guard at Pan de Yuca when I walk by. At the corner restaurant where I get lunch often, one of the women always likes to give me a hug and talk. Oh, and the lunches there are great and cost only 4,000 pesos, or about $2. I now know several employees at the library and I have to stop and chat with them when they spot me in the library. One of the benefits of knowing so many people here and having so many friends is that my Spanish is improving even without a class. I use it all the time and, by now, I’m confident that I can express about anything I want to and people will understand me. I also have some truly great and close friends here. Friends that I can have good conversations with and with whom I can communicate personal things, even in Spanish. I would really miss them if I were not to come back sometime. One of the slogans here is: Colombia, the only risk here is that you’ll want to stay. That’s pretty true for me.

Yesterday, I went to visit my friend, Beatrice, in her home. She moved out of the house a street over from me to a place where she used to live before. I had to take the MIO bus 31 to the end of the line. Then I took a small feeder bus to near Pance where she lives. It took almost an hour to get there. I wish she was still close to me, but I know she is happen in her new place. She has a beautiful, small house in the country. There are lots of trees around it, lots of small birds and a parrot that doesn’t like men. In her bedroom, besides her bed, she has a hammock where she can relax and read. She also has a hammock outside on her porch. There is a sturdy table with two benches there also. She likes to sit out there in the morning before work and have her breakfast. It’s a great spot. We sat on her porch and listened to music, looked at photos and talked for several hours. It was a great visit.

Today, I was supposed to have an appointment with the curator at the library. I had written down in my notebook that the appointment was for 2 p.m. My friend, the teacher in Bocas del Palo, said that it was at 4 p.m. I should have trusted my instincts and myself. Instead, I thought maybe I just got it wrong. So, I showed up at 4 p.m. and the man at the reception desk said that the curator had come to the desk and waited for me at 2 p.m. I felt so bad and ticked off that I didn’t trust my notes and go at 2 p.m. like I thought I should. I sent him an email, apologizing and explaining what happened. I’m now waiting for his response so we can reschedule the appointment.


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