By gregebersole

March 23, 2012

Category: Travel

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This is Diego. He’s a street performer from Medellin. He balances a hat on it’s rim. He’s pretty good. He told me that, on a good day, he can make about 30,000 pesos in 2 hours. That’s about $15. Not bad.

Tonight, I’m working on a design for my promo cards for the library show. Then, if they approve it, they’ll print up a bunch.

I also went to a photo lab and had a couple of prints made of photos I took of my friend, Jairo, who lives on the street. I gave him two different ones tonight. He was excited and happy to have them. I’m not sure where he’ll keep them or how long he’ll be able to keep them. Anyway, I promised him that I would print him a few and I did it.

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