Bodybuilders competition

By gregebersole

March 27, 2012

Category: Travel

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Sunday afternoon, I went to a bodybuilders competition to take photos. I had seen a poster on the wall in my gym. I thought it might be fun and I’d get some interesting photos. I got some good photos, including some strange ones. I had sat down near the front and started talking to the guy next to me. After awhile, I said it would be interesting to go behind the stage and get some photos while the guys were getting ready. He said, “come on.” We went behind the stage for awhile, then we went to the restrooms and photographed guys getting bronzed and flexing their muscles. Sometimes, it’s so easy to photograph in Colombia. I usually can talk my way into a lot of things. Nobody once told me not to photograph or hassled me. So nice. Often, in the states, events are so controlled that it makes it hard to get the photos that you want. It’s hard to get good access sometimes. In this photo, the two guys on the right seem to be having a hard time getting their poses right. The various weight groups posed together and then each guy posed alone with his selected music.


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