By gregebersole

April 7, 2012

Category: Travel

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This is my 976th post! I wonder what happens when I hit 1,000. Does it keep going?

This is Eliceo, or Elijah, in English. He’s a nice guy and a friend. On cloudy or rainy days, he usually stands near the steps along Calle 5 near Club Noel hospital and sells umbrellas. We often talk. On sunny days, he usually sells other items, sometimes homemade cheese. He used to be a pastor. Today, we talked awhile. I mentioned that I try to read Spanish often to learn vocabulary and sentence structure. I read the newspaper every day and wished I had a good book with Spanish on one page and English on the next. He said he had a New Testament like that. He said wait and he’ll go home and get it. He left me with his umbrellas to sell. I quickly asked him how much to charge. He said, oh, 5,000 pesos. About $2.50. He left and returned in about 10 minutes with an old New Testament. He said he couldn’t sell it and would only give it to me. On the cover, it said Gideons, and not for sale. All the way through the New Testament, the left page is in Spanish and the right in English. I can read the Spanish and then check my comprehension with the English on the adjoining page.

Today, I was going to go to Bocas del Palo one last time. But, last night and all through this morning until about 10:30 a.m. it rained steadily. I want to go on Monday now. I need a few more photos of adults, older folks. I have plenty of the kids. Then, on Tuesday, I have another meeting with the curator of my photo exhibit. We will look at all my select photos and narrow it down to the amount for the show, 40 or so.


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