Third meeting with the curator of my show

By gregebersole

April 14, 2012

Category: Travel

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I met again yesterday with Wilson Nieves, the curator for my photo show at the Cali library. We talked and looked at my edited selection of about 76 photos for almost an hour and a half. I had all the photos on a “memoria” so he could see them on his computer. I also brought about 12 large prints that I had finished already. He absolutely loved my photos. He kept saying spectacular over and over again. I was humbled and a little embarrassed by his reactions. He also wanted to know a little about the town and how it was for me to photograph there. I said I was the only white person in town and I established a rapport with everyone I photographed. I ended up having friends and being well known in the village. We decided that the show would include 30 portraits, which he thought was my strength. The remaining 10 would be photos that showed people or situations in the village, in order to give people an idea of what it looks like. I wanted to have some cards made up with information about the show so I could hand them out to my friends, neighbors and people I know in the gym and the shops nearby. We thought this photos of Yari in black and white would be a good shot for the cover. On the back will be his commentary on my work with my email and phone information, in case anyone wants to contact me. Wilson writes a large paragraph about the art work and a little about the artist for each exhibition at the library gallery. He is a great guy and we have a good rapport. I feel pretty comfortable with my Spanish comprehension and speaking ability now, so that really helps with these long meetings. On Monday, we plan to meet in el centro and look for retablas, the narrow relief boxes on which the photos will be mounted. He also knows a place where they can print my cards cheaply. He has been a great help with everything. The photo exhibit will open May 24th. It should be a fun evening. We plan to bus in a group of residents from Bocas del Palo so they can see the show. Hopefully, the subjects in my photos will be able to come.


One Response to “Third meeting with the curator of my show”

  1. Congratulations. Looks like it will be a success.
    I love the photo of the girl winking. She’s so cute!

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