Different directions

By gregebersole

April 16, 2012

Category: Travel

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I was downtown this morning when a heavy rain came up. I found shelter under a roof and sat on the sidewalk and waited it out. I grabbed a shot while I was waiting for the rain to stop. I had met the curator of my photo show in front of the Teatro Municipal. We went to a few places to look for retablas, the relief boxes to be used for my photos. The photos will be mounted on the boxes. We also went to a few places where they did printing. We found a good place to have my announcement cards made. Wilson, the curator, is putting everything together for the card. I sent him the photo and he’d already written some commentary about Bocas del Palo which will be on the back of the card. He is such a big help. And my friend, Juan, who teaches in the town, said I need to keep receipts of everything and a foundation is going to pay for everything. The food and drink for the reception will be made by some women of Bocas del Palo. It will be traditional, and originating from the coast. I plan to go to Bocas del Palo on Wednesday for one more day of photographing. Then I need to work on all the photos, get them printed and then take them to the frame shop to mount on the retablas. The opening will be from 6:30 p.m to 9 p.m. on May 24.

I am always amazed at the kindness of the Colombian people and how happy they are. Today, I saw another example of kindness and generosity. I was having lunch at the little restaurant next to my gym. Claudia, the wife of Augusto, who is in charge of the panaderia at the end of the block, runs the restaurant. They own both businesses. A man came hobbling up the sidewalk outside making a lot of noise and babbling loudly. I, of course, couldn’t understand him at all. He had a crutch he used with one arm to support himself when he walked. He collapsed on a chair outside the restaurant and seemed like he was almost crying for help, telling about his problems. Claudia went out to see what he wanted, listening to him for awhile. Soon, she went back into the restaurant and returned with a couple of bags of food for him. Another man went out to the street and hailed a taxi. He was helped into it and they left. I asked my friend, Amada, what was going on. She said Claudia gave him food and also 10,000 pesos (about $5) for the taxi so he could get home. The man was in bad shape. Most people would have ignored him. I was humbled by the genuine attention and help given the man by Claudia and a couple of others at the restaurant. I have a lot to learn from the Colombian people. I’ve been more apt to help the down and out lately by giving them a few coins or buying some bread and giving it to them. But, I see Claudia and Augusto often helping the poor and hungry by giving them bread and coffee.


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