By gregebersole

April 20, 2012

Category: Travel

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Late Thursday afternoon, I had just finished having lunch and watching the Barcelona soccer match at a restaurant nearby. They have a nice flat screen tv. The owner is an avid Barcelona fan also. He and his server keep up a constant commentary and badgering of each other whenever a foul is committed or should have been called. She is an avid Real Madrid fan. She always complains about Barcelona getting away with something. It’s fun to watch soccer there and hear them harass each other. When Barcelona scores, the owner always goes around and high fives everyone. When something goes against Barcelona, the woman cheers loudly. Anyway, I had just left when it started raining really hard. I walked a block and ducked into the other restaurant which my friend, and Augusto’s wife, Claudia runs. The two sides of it are open air. Before long, it started raining even harder. Water was coming in on the floor. Soon, the restaurant was full of people waiting out the storm. Soon, it started pouring and the wind was getting fierce. I must have stayed there an hour or more. At times, it rained so hard that all the cars were pulling over to the side of the road to wait. Wind was so hard it was like a hurricane. I’ve never seen anything like this in over two years in Cali. Tree branches were floating down the road. Water in the streets and sidewalks was getting deep. When it finally let up enough to walk home, I left. At the underpass to the bridge where I cross over Calle 5, traffic was being diverted due to very high water. A few large trucks and an occasional motorcycle slowly cruised through it. For the rest of the afternoon and evening, electricity was out in my barrio and as far as I could see out the window. Trees were down everywhere. I couldn’t use my fan or the radio and had two candles for light. I watched a video on my laptop and then went to bed early. Today, I still don’t have internet, but the electricity is back on. It was an adventure, to say the least.


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