Busy week ahead

By gregebersole

April 22, 2012

Category: Travel

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This week, I need to work hard at finishing my 40 photos and get them ready for printing. My show is only about a month away. I have about 18 photos printed already. It’s been hard selecting the 40 out of all I’ve taken. Hopefully, I can meet with the curator of the show again and go over what he likes and what I like and find our common ground. One problem is he picked about 3 or 4 photos of the same girl. I feel like that is not fair to the other people in Bocas del Palo. Maybe 2 or 3 would be okay, depending if someone else was in one of the photos. On my last visit, I got more photos of Jessica and Yari that I like. It’s so easy to get good photos of them. They are so photogenic. I could easily do a complete show of photos of only the two of them. This is a photo of my little friend, Yari, posing for me. She seems like an expert at posing already. I love the colors in the old wall behind her. On this day, she didn’t have braids and beads in her hair.

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