Photos delivered

By gregebersole

May 3, 2012

Category: Travel

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I passed these murals along Calle 5 today on my walk downtown. The one says “art against murder.” I carried my 41 photos in large envelopes to the shop where they will mount them on the retablas, or relief boxes. I made it safely. I kept thinking what if someone tried to take my package with my 41 photos. That would cause a real problem for my photo exhibition. I walked the 2 miles without a problem as usual. Last week, the man at the shop quoted Wilson and I a figure of 8,000 pesos per photo. The shop owner builds the boxes and mounts the photos himself. He works alone and has no employees. Today, when I was talking to him, he quoted me 8,500 pesos. I said no, he had quoted me 8,000 before. Maybe he was trying to see if he could get more from me. I don’t know. I said I’m only paying 8,000. He agreed. The mounted photos will be ready by next Thursday.

Tomorrow, my announcement cards for the photo exhibit are supposed to be ready at 6 p.m. Another walk into town for me. I’d rather walk then pay the 75 cents for the bus or $1.50 to 2.50 for a taxi.

This evening, I went to a panaderia in Liberatadores and bought a normal size carton of yogurt and a cookie for 55 cents. Sometimes I wonder if people know what to charge or what the actual price should be. At the grocery store, the same yogurt costs me about $1.


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