Another march

By gregebersole

May 12, 2012

Category: Travel

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Thursday, I was out walking and came across this march unexpectedly. There are many marches in Cali and often, I don’t even hear anything about them beforehand. This one was a National Right to Life march. There were many signs opposing abortion. I took some photos from the bridge above and down on the sidewalk. The police walked alongside, making sure that the bus lane was kept open.

Thursday, I also walked into downtown and picked up my finished 41 photos. They were all mounted on the retablas, the wooden boxes. The man did a great job. The edges of the boxes were all painted black like I requested. I had three large bundles so I had to take a taxi home. Yesterday, I received a call telling me that my announcement cards were ready. I had them printed again at a different printer. The first place printed them too dark and wouldn’t re-do them. The second place did a good job. I had to pay again though. It cost me about $35 each time for 500 cards, printed on both sides. Prices varied at different places I went to. Anywhere from 70,000 pesos to 150,000 pesos. That’s about $35 to $75. At the place where they quoted me 150,000 pesos, I laughed and said that it was way too much.

I’m thinking of changing one of my photos. I hate being a perfectionist. I’m almost never satisfied with my work. One portrait I took of a young boy looks too much like a studio portrait. It doesn’t fit with the others. I may have a new photo printed on Monday. All that’s needed to be done yet are the titles for the photos. Juan is going to type those up. He’s a big help and knows the names of everyone in my photos. A week from Thursday is the big evening. I’ve been handing out cards to people I know in the restaurants and shops I frequent. I’ve also given cards to the two cops on the bridge that I know, friends in my gym and neighbors. It should be a fun night. It will be interesting to see people’s reactions and to hear their comments about the photos.


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