Changing photos

By gregebersole

May 15, 2012

Category: Travel

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I may add this photo to my group of photos for the show. I had two new ones printed and mounted on retablas today. Now, I’m ready for the opening. I just need to write down some things I want to say so I don’t forget them. I’m supposed to talk a little at the opening along with Juan Carlos, the teacher in Bocas del Palo.

Tonight, I joined a group called Samaritanos to hand out food to the poor and homeless in downtown Cali. They meet at a Catholic church and after mass head out to a poor and rough area. We walked down the streets, handing out bread to the folks and a drink called agua panela. They do it every Tuesday night. This is the second time I’ve gone. The group does a lot of other things with the homeless. It’s a very good and active organization. I would like to get more involved with them.


One Response to “Changing photos”

  1. Love this one, Greg! Think you should use it. You are going to be awesome at your show! Just have fun, and let your passion for photography ooze out as you talk! Love, Sis

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