The newspaper

By gregebersole

May 18, 2012

Category: Travel

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Thursday, I walked downtown and found the main office and building of El País, the local newspaper. I delivered a letter, my resumé and an announcement card for my photo exhibit to the receptionist for the director of photography. I’ve thought about doing this for a long time, and finally did it. I would be interested in part time or freelance work as a photographer or photo editor. I’m curious as to what response I will receive now. On my trip back, I came across these three men each reading the newspaper. I try to read a lot of it everyday. I think it’s a good newspaper. I’ve already met a few of the photographers at news events around town.

The last several days at my gym, I’ve been watching two birds working together on a nest. While riding the stationary bike, I look out the third story window and can see them on a pole with lots of electrical wires and cables. I assume it’s the soon to be mom and dad. The one is working hard at putting the pieces of grass and twigs together to form the nest. The other one flys off and brings the material, piece by piece. He lands on top of the other bird, then places the piece from his mouth to the mouth of the other. Every so often the piece falls to the ground and he has to fly down, pick it up and return it again. It’s quite entertaining. It’s a slow process. They haven’t made a lot of progress in the few days that I’ve been watching.


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