My 1,000 post

By gregebersole

May 19, 2012

Category: Travel

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This is my 1,000 post on my website/blog. I can hardly believe it. I can remember when I started it. A friend of mine from DC, Sebastian John, helped me get it going. We were in a little coffee shop in Portland, Oregon. That was August 22, 2009. I was thinking about moving to Colombia soon. In three months, it will be almost 3 years since I left Longview, Wa. for Cali.

Today was a good day. In the morning, I went to photograph a parade, part of an event for children. This event was basically about the importance and right for children under 5 years old to have quality early education. They said that everyone has the important responsibility to assure that in “our” first years, we have happy lives. Or, that all the children under 5 have the opportunity for good, quality education and happy lives. This is a photo from the parade. Later, I met a friend from Medellin, Pao, and we walked to where the parade ended. There was a program, but it was boring. We decided to go back to my place so she could see my photos. She is a photographer too. She is here for the weekend only. We spread all 41 photos out all over my room and she gave me some great feedback. I was happy with what she had to tell me. She thought they all worked well together as a group and were amazing. She is a talented photographer and I value her opinions. Now, I’m not quite so nervous about showing them to a large group of people next Thursday. We were also talking some about my ambivalence about whether to stay in Cali or move somewhere different. I mentioned that I had thought about checking out Merida, Mexico. She said she’d been there and loved it. She has a lot of friends there. I really want to visit there to see if it might be my next place to spend some time. I still love Cali and Colombia a lot, but I may want to try something new. I can always come back to Cali. Unless, I get an offer for some work at the newspaper, then I would have to stay.

At 4 p.m., I went to my panaderia to watch the soccer match between Cali’s Americá team and Atlético de Madrid with it’s star Colombia player, Falcao Garcia. It’s fun to watch games there. Everyone is talking to everyone and explaining things about players and the teams. The first goal was scored by Falcao. It was a beautiful goal. He leaped up horizontally and kicked it hard, sideways, into the goal. The America fans, in a sea of red shirts, stood up and cheered their Colombian player. Even though he was playing for the other team. Now, he is a star in Europe and a regular scoring machine.


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