Cops like to have fun

By gregebersole

May 22, 2012

Category: Travel

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Another photo from the parade last Saturday. These cops weren’t afraid to have fun. They were posing for photos and some were even dancing with the dancers in the parade. I like the fact that the cops here actually help people a lot. Besides looking for the bad guys, they will help elderly people across the street or bridge. They will walk with a blind person from one end of the block to the next, handing the person off to the next cop.

I was looking for jeans the last two days. I saw a pair that I liked in a store window. I went in and asked how much they were. I was told 300,000 pesos. I almost laughed out loud. That’s about $150. Everything they had in the store was between 270,000 and at least 300,000. In other stores, I’ve found jeans from about 30,000 to 80,000. That’s about $15 to $40.

All I have left to do for my photo exhibit is the captions and to write down on paper what I want to say if I have to make a speech. Tomorrow, I will probably carry the photos over to the library. It’s close by.


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