My friends from Bocas del Palo

By gregebersole

May 26, 2012

Category: Travel

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These are some of my young friends from Bocas del Palo. Closest to me, on my left, are Jessica (red pants) and Yari. They would walk with me a lot when I was in town photographing, often holding my hands. Jessica is featured in the two photographs behind us. She was also my “assistant.” She often pointed out things that she thought would make a good photo. She was often right. Once, she told me to stop, and she climbed up in a tree and said take a photo. I took three different ones and one of them, I really liked. It’s hanging behind us. She was right. She knew it would be a good photo. Often when I travel, I take a liking to certain kids, wishing I could adopt them. Jessica is one. I would love to adopt her. Her father died when she was very young. Her mother took off a year or so ago, leaving Jessica with a 17 year old sister to take care of her and her two younger sisters. It’s sad. Jessica is really intelligent, fun and very sociable.


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