Photo exhibition opens

By gregebersole

May 26, 2012

Category: Travel

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Thursday evening, was the opening of my photo exhibition at the Cali library gallery. It was 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. I got there a little late. I’m Colombian now, after all. It was a huge success. Thanks to Juan Carlos, my friend and teacher in Bocas del Palo. He had helped arrange with the townspeople for all the food and drink to be served. The refreshments were all typical food from the coast, where the residents of Bocas del Palo originated. Two or three busloads of adults and kids came from the little town where I had spent hours taking photos of the people. The town has about 800 residents, all afrocolombian. Soon after I arrived at the opening, I was summoned to the auditorium. It was packed with the folks from Bocas del Palo and other guests at the opening. I think the mayor of JamundĂ­ and many teachers came also. Juan was talking about the town and a little of it’s history. Then I had to give my talk. I had written down what I wanted to say on a piece of paper so I wouldn’t forget. I delivered my speech in Spanish and a few folks asked a question or responded with comments about how happy they were that I had cared about documenting their little town. It went over pretty well, actually. Then I went out and spent the next 2 hours mingling with friends and other folks, visiting and talking about the photos. It was a lot of fun. I was so happy that so many of my friends from the Cali Couchsurfing group came and also some of my friends from the gym where I work out. And my little friends, the kids from Bocas del Palo, had all come, including Jessica and Yari, featured in several of the photos. Later in the evening, after everyone had left, I joined friends at Tin Tin Deo for salsa dancing. By 2 a.m., when I finally went to bed, I was completely exhausted.

This had been one of my dreams and goals while living in Cali, Colombia- to have a photo exhibit here. In less than 3 years here, I had done that. Now, I need a new project or place to take photos.


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