By gregebersole

June 1, 2012

Category: Travel

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Last night, I went to the library for a free concert by the group, Africali. They play world music, mainly African rhythms. The auditorium was packed. By the time the group started, the aisles were full with people and some were almost sitting on the stage. Good thing we don’t have to worry about fire marshals here. The group was very good. They played all kinds of drums, and also used a guitar and saxophone. They played music from Africa, mainly Senegal. There were pieces in reggae, ragga, bossa nova, samba, murga and candombe. The crowd really loved them. Also, when people came and left, they had to walk down the hallway past all my photos on display. Many stopped to check them out.

I have about 11 more weeks left in Cali. I’m ready for a break. I’ll be heading back to the states on August 20. I will be in the Portland area a few days, then, hopefully, fly to Alaska for about 4 days to see my daughters, and grandkids, including Jessica’s newest daughter, Kylie. Then, I will drive to Mesa, Arizona, to spend the month of September with my son and his wife. Then are expecting a baby boy on Sept. 12. I’ll then drive to San Diego, California to see my cousin Victor and family. Victor and I plan to see a concert by the group, Furthur, on the 2nd. They are made up of two former members of the Grateful Dead. Then, I may drive up the coast and back to Oregon and Washington. I plan to return to Cali on October 18. I am supposed to help work on a book on the history of Bocas del Palo, using a lot of my photos. If I didn’t have to come back for that, I would possibly not come back to Colombia for awhile. After almost 3 years here, I think I need a change. I’ve been thinking about checking out Merida, Mexico, at some point. It’s in the Yucatan and close to the beach.


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