Oh happy day!

By gregebersole

June 2, 2012

Category: Travel

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The photo is from the hair braiding contest at Loma de la Cruz days ago. I think this was the hairdo that eventually won the contest.

Today is great day. Two of the people that have had rooms in my house have moved out. The woman, who has lived here and on my floor in the room next to me, moved out and to an apartment. When the rent was raised, she looked for something cheaper. She’s a very nice women and would always correct my Spanish and help me with proper grammar. But, she was a chain smoker. I’ve been basically holed up in my room when I’m home. She would smoke in the tv room, not that I watch any tv. I don’t. But, she would also smoke in the kitchen and on the patio outside my room. I don’t think she liked to smoke in her room much. Her voice was raspish and deep. Sometimes, early in the morning, I could hear her coughing. Then, she’d have a cigarette. She was a vegetarian, and very conscious of eating well. She even had a large, expensive water filtration system in her room to purify the water. She told me I should do that and not drink water out of plastic bottles or the faucet, which I always do. So, I’m happy she is gone, just because of the smoking.

Then, for about 2 or 3 weeks, we had a French guy living in one of the rooms. He was like the cartoon character, Pigpen. He was a chain smoker and smoked every where. He was constantly drinking something in the afternoons and evenings, and left bottles everywhere. Overfilled ashtrays were left everywhere, including the kitchen. I kept hiding the ashtrays, but then he’s use coffee and tea cups. It’s like everywhere he went, a mess followed him. I’m very happy he left. There is clean air again.


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