Bocas del Palo Ecotourism Day

By gregebersole

June 11, 2012

Category: Travel

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Yesterday was a special event in Bocas del Palo, Ecotourism Day. I think my teacher friend, Juan Carlos, organized a lot of it. My friend, Liceth, went along with me for the day. We took a bus to Jardín Plaza, then another smaller bus to the park in Jamundí. In front of the park were three buses waiting to take people to Bocas del Palo. The event was for people to get to know the town, take a boat ride on the river, and walk through the paths in the area. Many families made special food to sell to the visitors. There was also a stage set up and several musical groups played. And, of course, there was the tall, greased pole, which no one ever can climb to the top to get the prizes. There were also a lot of policemen and their horses from Cali. Many kids and adults got to sit on the horses for photos. I got on one and ended up going for a ride around the soccer field with a couple of other mounted policemen. It was fun. Some of my little friends were afraid of the horses. I showed them how to stand close and pet them and then, helped them up so they could sit on the horse for a photo. Liceth got to meet my young friends, including Jessica (far left) and Yari (next to her) in the photo above. Jessica hung out with me most of the time. Around 12:30 p.m., Liceth and I went looking for lunch. Jessica went with us. When we found a home with some good food that we wanted to try, we bought a couple of meals, with cups of coke. I shared most of my lunch with Jessica. She politely refused it twice and when I encouraged her to take it, she soon devoured it quickly. She is one person who has really touched my heart. She is smart, kind and, I think, a good person. I am trying to think of how I can keep in touch with her and help her somehow. I don’t think she has the best living situation. She lives with 2 or 3 sisters, 2 cousins and her aunt. Her father is dead and her mother is off “traveling” with her boyfriend. I don’t know how long she’s been gone or if she plans to come back. I always enjoy the people in Bocas del Palo. But, like usual, it was really hot and there wasn’t any breeze. Liceth liked meeting my friends, but thought the place was so small and boring. And, also, very hot. We left around 3:30 to 4 p.m. and when we got to Jardin Plaza, we went in and got ice cream cones. When I later got home, a cold shower felt great.

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