Riverbank soccer

By gregebersole

June 29, 2012

Category: Travel

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Here’s a photo from the soccer game on the banks of the Rio Cauca. There were probably about 10 to 13 players on each team with a short field. It got pretty dusty.

The day was a little strange for me. Jessica, the girl that I have become attached to, was strangely quiet. She never came up to me to talk or walk with me. It was very unusual. I asked Juan Carlos about it. He said the other kids know that I like her a lot and were giving her a hard time about it, like kids do. So, I decided to let it be and not try to talk to her. I left it up to her. I didn’t want to embarrass her or cause more problems with the other kids. I figure things might be different next time I visit. I did meet her older sister today. She’s a few years older than Jessica. So, this day, I tried to give as much attention to all the kids equally. I tried to do that in the past too, but Jessica always wanted to accompany me everywhere.


One Response to “Riverbank soccer”

  1. Hey Greg! I’m sure you gave all the kids plenty of attention, but kids will be kids. I’m sure that was hard for you, but hopefully by the next time all will be back to normal. Don’t worry – it will work itself out. Love, Karen

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