Walking a fine line

By gregebersole

June 30, 2012

Category: Travel


First of all, I think this is one of about two or three photos that I took Thursday of Jessica. Usually, I have a lot. Since the kids had given her a hard time about being my “favorite”, I thought it best to just let it go for a day. Later on, things might change. So I snuck a few photos of her. In this one, I like her expression. She was clearly watching me, probably wishing she could talk to me and walk with me like before.

As the title to this post says, I’m walking a fine line. I’ve been doing this blog for a long time now. I started it as a way to post photos from Colombia and write a little about things and what I’m doing. I have followers in the states and Colombia, and even a couple of other countries now. As I’ve said before, I find it hard sometimes to write. I’m not sure how much to write about some things or how personal to get. I’ve always been a private person. However, I think I’m more open now than I used to be. I don’t ever want to embarrass anyone or write something that might make someone feel bad. If I write about friends, I want to be honest, but often I have to limit what I write. I know some people who have written things in their blogs and really made a few people mad by what they wrote. That’s the last thing I want to do. So, anyone reading this, I hope if I’ve written about you that it was okay and that no one was offended.

Lately, I’ve been getting restless. That’s usually a sign for me that I need a change. I have less then two months left in Cali. After what will be almost 3 years here, I may need a change. The past 6 to 8 months have been different here. Many of my friends have moved away from Cali. I’ve lost a few others due to various reasons. Some, I haven’t heard from for a long time. I know that’s normal life, but it’s sad. As much as I love Colombia and Cali, if I didn’t have to return in October to work on a book, I might not return. First, I need to find out if the book is really going to happen or if it’s like other things here- it’s talked about and then nothing happens. This is a strange time for me. For the first time in a few years, I feel unsettled. I’m trying to figure out what is next. Right now, I feel a pull towards living in Arizona part of the year and maybe, Mexico the other part. I would like to visit Merida to see if it seems right. On Sunday, the people of Mexico will be voting for a new president. I’m hoping that things will change for the better there, especially for the people who have suffered so much lately due to so much crime, corruption and murder. Merida is not one of the areas that are dangerous right now. It’s in the Yucatan and close to the coast. Everyone that I’ve talked to about it has only good things to say. I also want to live in Arizona more. I like the hot and dry weather in Mesa, but also the opportunity to drive a couple of hours and have cool mountain weather. I would also be close to my son and his wife and their soon to be born son. I want to be able to spend more time with my kids and their kids. My oldest grand-kid, Taylor, turned 5 years old today. I miss them all. Even though I feel that Colombia will always be a second home to me and I know that I will always be able to return and enjoy my time here, it’s time for a change. It’s both a little exciting, but also depressing. And, I remain pretty unsettled about stuff now. But, I’m trying to be optimistic about the future.


2 Responses to “Walking a fine line”

  1. I know exactly what you are experiencing Greg. I find the only way to temper my restlessness is to aim for further projects and goals whether they be in Colombia or not. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours and wherever they take you.

  2. Thanks, Richard! You’re right. One of my goals while living in Cali was to have a public photo exhibition. I have one now that has been extended for three weeks due to popular demand. I have had a lot of successes here, but also some disappointments. All in all, I wouldn’t trade my last 3 years of living here for anything. It was the right thing to do at the right time. And, now it might be the right time to do something different. If that doesn’t work out, Colombia, my second home, will still be here and waiting for me. Take care!

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