III Encierro Nacional e Internacional de Fotografía

By gregebersole

July 23, 2012

Category: Travel


This past week was a busy one. I attended a major photo conference in Cali from last Monday evening through yesterday. It was put on by Arley Acosta, the director of a photography school in Cali. There were many presentations from various photographers from Cali and Bogota. The main guest for the conference was a wedding photographer from Spain, Carlos Felipe Ortiz Morel. He gave a presentation Tuesday evening, and then an all day workshop on Wednesday at the sugar cane museum near Palmira. There were many beautiful locations outside which worked out well for the wedding couple he photographed. He was very good and I really liked his style and work. A few weeks before the conference, my friend and fellow photographer, Beatrice, had told me about it and told me to call the director. She said he was interested in having me participate. So I did and we met for coffee once and he asked if I could display my photographs for the week. I was also asked to give a presentation. So, I was quite honored to see that my photographs from Bocas del Palo were hung in the main meeting room. I also gave an hour presentation on my newspaper experience and documentary photography this past Friday afternoon. I spoke entirely in Spanish, something had I wanted to do. I had a translator on hand, but only used him for about 4 words or so that I didn’t know. Afterwards, people said that my Spanish was really good. I showed photos from my work at the newspaper in the states and also photos I had taken in Colombia. I covered a lot of ground and when I checked my time, my hour was practically up. And, I had forgotten one part on documentary photography that I really wanted to share, but had no time. It was a little more information on how to do a documentary project. What makes a good documentary project. However, there was no time left. But, everyone loved my stories from my newspaper work and the photos I shared. There were also presentations on fashion photography, publication photography, panoramic photography, photo illustration, Lightroom 4 and sports photography. Another photographer demonstrated and showed photos of his work with large format cameras. It was a very good week and I understood quite a bit of the presentations, even though they were entirely in Spanish. I made a lot of friends and some good contacts. I was so happy to be a part of this conference. It had a large group of some of the best photographers in the area.


2 Responses to “III Encierro Nacional e Internacional de Fotografía”

  1. I’m so proud of you, you spoke in front of all that people in Spanish, well done. My friend when i read how you life every day in my city you can imagine how happy i feel to be your friend.


  2. Thank you for your kind words, Natalia! I too am very happy to have you for my friend.

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