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By gregebersole

August 14, 2012

Category: Travel

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Today, my son, Dylan, and his wife, Mary, had a baby boy, Alan Christopher. He came a month early. My plans were to be in Arizona with them on Aug. 29 and spend the month of September with them. The baby was due Sept. 12. But, evidently, he was ready to join the world already. Dylan and Mary are extremely happy and so am I. Alan has a lot of dark hair and is sleeping a lot so far. No surprise. This photo I took a year ago on the day of Dylan and Mary’s wedding.

I now have 5 more days in Cali. I have two suitcases pretty well packed and ready to go. Just last minute stuff to pack on Sunday. Tomorrow, is the first day of the Petronio music festival. I’m excited to go. I missed it last year. The music is all from the Pacific coast- Afrocolombian. There are also a lot of vendors selling fresh seafood and other delicacies from the coast. It runs through Sunday evening. And, it’s within walking distance from my home. It will be fun spending the evenings with my friends listening and dancing to the marimba heavy music.


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