On campus again

By gregebersole

August 15, 2012

Category: Travel

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Yesterday, I visited the campus of the University of Santiago. I went to buy a t shirt with the school logo on it. First I stopped for a chicharón and coffee. When I was taking Spanish classes there, I would always have that before class. I would also use that time to study a little before class started. I now haven’t had classes for about a year. I really miss the university. It was a big part of my first two years in Cali. I liked the environment and I liked my Spanish classes a lot.

I now have only 4 days left in Cali before flying to the states. I’ve been buying a few gifts to take and packing my suitcases. I’ve also been spending time with Amatoga. Today, we went downtown and she bought some things for her apartment. She’s only 22, but we really enjoy each other’s company. I’ve been showing her around a little and helping her to know where to get things. She calls me her favorite uncle. She says she’s going to miss me a lot when I’m gone for the next two months. I will miss her too. Tomorrow night, we’ll be going to the Petronio music festival.


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