By gregebersole

September 16, 2012

Category: Travel

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Two things I’ve always loved and missed about Arizona are the clouds and Saguaro cactus. I love the big, puffy clouds, changing colors and formations. I also like all the other kinds of cactus, but the tall Saguaros are my favorite. I lived in Arizona when I was young. My family moved to Phoenix from Indiana when I was 4 years old. We lived there until I was 15, then moved to Colorado. Last week, I drove by my old high school, Central High, and the home where we lived on McClelland St. Back then, the house was surrounded by orchards of grapefruit trees and orange trees on the back and one side. Now, it’s all developed and all houses. Gone are the orchards where we kids used to play in the dirt every day. Gone are the empty lots that used to be on our block. I still like Arizona, the beauty and variety of landscape. The one thing I don’t like are it’s politicians and the politics here. I don’t care for the ideas and practices of Sheriff Joe or the Governor. I think there is too much racial profiling and bad treatment of Latino or Hispanic people. If I ever live here again, I would be one more person against the practices and policies of those two.


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