Squaw Peak

By gregebersole

September 26, 2012

Category: Travel

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Sunday, I hiked up Squaw Peak. Except, it’s no longer called Squaw Peak. It has a new politically correct name that I can never remember. When I was a kid and living in Phoenix, we called it Squaw Peak and I hiked up it many times. It’s a few miles from where we used to live. It was a good hike. It was steep, but not too bad. There were good views of Phoenix from all directions. It also reminded me of Las Tres Cruces in Cali. It was a lot of rock and boulders. Later, I drove by the home that I grew up in as a kid. It was the second time I’ve done that this month. The street fascinates me. I try to picture it as it was when I was a young kid. It’s hard. Everything looks so different. All the orchards are gone. The pomegranate tree is gone too, as well as the apricot tree. The house looks similar, but in worse shape now.


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