Alaska family

By gregebersole

October 13, 2012

Category: Travel

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I’ve been spending a week in Alaska with my daughters and their children. This photo shows my oldest daughter, Jessica, and her three children, Taylor, Kendall and Kylie. Also, at right, is my other daughter, Katie, and her son, Tru. Missing in the photo is Jessica’s husband, Kevin, who was at work. He’s an electrician. I’ve spent a lot of time with my grand-kids, playing with them and walking Taylor to and from the bus stop. The weather has been cold and the trips to Starbucks have been most enjoyable. Yesterday, I treated Jessica and Katie to some good spicy ethnic food. We shared some Pad Thai, chicken curry with rice and Vietnamese soup, Pho. It was all excellent. Today, we’re going to a reindeer farm. Maybe, they grow reindeer there. We’ll see. It’s been awhile since I’ve had to raise little kids. I’m glad those days are over. It was a lot of work, but enjoyable. My daughters are good moms. Jessica takes care of her three girls all day throughout the week and then works as a nurse on Saturday and Sunday at the hospital. With Taylor in school all day now, she only has the two youngest ones to watch during the day. She has a lot of patience and does a lot of work every day and evening. I admire her. Katie works fulltime at the airport for UPS, loading and unloading their airplanes with cargo. I think she has done her job for about 10 years or so. Monday morning, I’ll be going to the airport and flying back to Portland, then driving to Longview for my last two days. On Wednesday, I fly back to Cali. I go from 30 to 44 degree days to 64 to 88 degree days. I’ll be ready for the hot weather that I love. I’ve had a great 2 months in the states, but I’ll be happy to return my life and my friends in the Cali that I love.


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