By gregebersole

October 28, 2012

Category: Travel

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Last night was the big Couchsurfer’s Halloween party. I decided I didn’t want to go this year. I don’t think I went last year either. I didn’t want to spend any money for a costume and I didn’t want to deal with a large crowd and the craziness. My good friend, Amatoga, pictured above with her new hair extensions, felt the same way. We decided to get a large pizza and watch a movie on my laptop. I bought “To Rome With Love” downtown for $1. It was a fun and good movie. Afterwards, we went up on the roof to talk and look at the lights of Cali. We have found it easy to talk to each other about anything. She has become a good friend.

Last week was not a great week. It seemed like I was solving problems all week. I had a hassle with my bank account. I was asked to give a phone number for a new security thing. Then after I did that, using my Colombia number, they sent a message saying that they would call or send a message with my verification code. Well, of course, I never could receive anything on my Colombia cellphone. Then, I spent all morning up to about 1:15 p.m. trying to fix it. I went to a call center 5 times, calling and talking to different people each time, trying to change things so I could have access. In the end, I had to have both Firefox and Safari open on my laptop at the same time so I could put in username and password on the bank’s website on one, get a code number and then wait for any email to come on the other, containing a new number to plug in immediately. Eventually, it all worked and my online access to my account is back to normal.

This week, I plan to go to Siloé, one of the more dangerous barrios in Cali. I’m going with another photographer and a driver. I want to check it out and see if I want to begin a new photography project there. I also hope to go to Bocas del Palo this week and take the cameras to the kids for their school. My friends, Amatoga and Liceth, both want to go along to see the kids’ reactions. I’m anxious to go back to see the kids. And, tomorrow, I return to my gym early in the morning, to start my workouts again.


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