The first real visit to Siloé

By gregebersole

November 1, 2012

Category: Travel

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This morning, I met Tim, another photographer near the Plaza de Torros. We walked several blocks to where our driver and another guy met us. We soon were driving in an older car up steep winding roads to the top of Siloé. My friends in Cali all said it is a very dangerous barrio. Eduardo, a friend of Tim, kept warning us every so often that we were in a dangerous spot. He said it so often I started wondering if I should be very afraid. But, mostly, it started annoying me. Only once, I saw a group of young guys together, which could mean trouble. Eduardo got really antsy and said don’t take photos of them. He said they’re very bad hombres. We drove around and stopped every so often to get out and take photos and walk a little. I felt handicapped by having three other people with me. I was having a hard time concentrating on my photos and getting the shots I wanted. I only ended up with 10 or more decent shots. The people we met, however, were very nice. We were invited into several homes and on people’s property to look at the views and take photos. The boy in this photo and his family lived near the top of Siloé on the edge of a steep hill. I was invited inside to their back patio for photos. Their views of Cali, far down below, were spectacular. They were very nice people. I’m sure that there are dangerous parts and dangerous people, especially at night. But, I think in the mornings, it’s fairly safe. I would like to go back with only one or two people. I know there are some amazing photos to be taken here and I would like to give it more of a chance. Today was good to get a feel for the place. Eduardo also said that the cops don’t come up here. He must be right, because we didn’t see one cop anywhere the entire time we were driving around.


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