Back on Las Tres Cruces

By gregebersole

November 6, 2012

Category: Travel

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Sunday I was up on Las Tres Cruces again. I joined my friends, Javier and Jenny, to hike the mountain. It was great. I didn’t go for a record time, but just enjoyed the journey. Coming down was a different story. I set a fairly brisk pace and about half way down, I heard running steps behind me. Javier and Jenny were running! I said, “Oh, is this a competition now?” I started running too and ran most of the way down, getting there first. Ha, I’m such a competitor. Can’t help it. Javier snapped this photo of me about halfway down.

Tonight, I watching the election returns. I can get CNN here in Cali on my TV. Unfortunately, I have to listen to Wolf, the blowhard, Blitzer. I really get tired of listening to him. But, I rarely watch tv here in Colombia. Occasionally, I watch soccer matches, Barcelona, Colombia or one of the Cali teams. I’m hoping the defining results are in fairly early. I’m optimistic about the outcome. Hopefully, we’ll know soon.


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